Heated Lunch Box

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Warm up your food quickly and efficiently with our Heated Lunch Box! You can enjoy hot food, wherever you are without the need for a microwave. This multi-functional food warmer is very practical, durable and easy to use and clean, perfect for long days out.


  • Feature: Thermal Insulation
  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • color: as pic show
  • Size: 25*16*12cm/9.84*6.3*4.72"
  • Power:: 40W
  • Working Voltage:: 12V
  • Frequency:: 50-60Hz
  • Capacity:: 1.05L
  • Rice box:: 0.6L
  • Dish box:: 0.45L
  • Voltage:: 110V-240V

Heating food:
1. Please put cooked food in the rice container and crockery container.
2. Open the socket stopper and insert the power cord.
3. Switching power supply, power indicator, and soup start.
Note : the heating time depends on the amount of rice, vegetables and indoor temperature.Heating
1. please put the cooked soup in the lunch box
2. open the socket stopper and put the power cord.
3. Switching power supply, power display, and soup start.
1. It takes 25 minutes to heat the food to 25 ℃.
2. When the food is put in the refrigerator, the heating time should be extended properly.
3. Please unplug the power cord before eating.


1. Use high temperature and environmental protection materials.
2. The look is fashion, no smell, tasteless.
3. The steam installation is designed as a circular lid to keep food fresh.
4. The use of PTC heating component is safer, more convenient and more energy efficient.
5. Low power cycle heating design to keep food warm and refreshing.

6. Dual function heating and keeping warm.